The Weimaraner


Although he belongs to the oldest hunting dog breeds, the Weimaraner, unfortunately, is not yet famous. There are many different theories about the origin of the breed, some of which seem plausible while other statements are very speculative. In any case, the Weimaraner is considered the oldest purebred German standing hunting dog breed. A shorthair Weimaraner is not a German Standing Shorthair with a different color, also the long hair Weimaraner is NOT a gray German Standing Long Hair!

The French claim that France is the Weimaraner’s birthplace, referring to old tapestries and paintings, among others, by Van Dijck showing a dog similar to the Weimaraner. Only soon after the breeding of the French court had come to an end, Weimar’s court would have taken over this task, with this striking gray color definitively named Weimaraner. For a long time, breeding would have been the sole right of the Weimar’s court. The story goes that even Bismarck’s possession of a Weimaraner would have been refused. After the fall of the German Empire, the Weimaraner practically disappeared from the scene.



Fortunately, the breed was not completely lost, and at that time there were also those who kept the race out of extinction. After the Second World War, interest in England and America grew and much effort has been made to restore the breed which had been in decline. The first two (sterile) Weimaraner were exported to America in 1928. Ten years later, the Weimaraner was transferred to America, after which the first litter born in the United States was born in 1939. In England, the first Weimaraner was imported only in 1954. Both in France and in England and America, the Weimaraner experienced a new rise.

The “Gray Ghost” like the Americans did not call him so much because of his color, but especially about his catlike smoothness, was a remarkable appearance. He acted as a police dog in some states of America, such as Wisconsin. In Tokyo he acted as a “drug dog” and in the police of the city of London, a Weimaraner was a detective dog between the German shepherds. He also appeared in films. For example, a Weimaraner was the loyal guide of Western movie star “Roy Rogers”.

Hunting dog


The Weimaraner, of course, remains an all-around hunting dog. Originally, he was used by the French as a running dog and was deployed by the Germans in the 19th century and used as a standing dog. The Germans consider him as the aristocrat among the hunting dogs. He is suitable for the hunting of all wildlife, both before and after the shot and can do service under all terrain conditions. In short, a dog suitable for the most varied hunting. In addition to its suitability for hunting, the Weimaraner is also an excellent household dog. He is very keen on his roommates. Not only for the boss, but also for the woman and the children he goes through the fire.

If there is a risk of danger, his defensive drive will come forward. It is a temperate dog with a distinctive character that needs to be raised with a soft but firm hand to grow into an ideal companion. He is keen on living in the home circle. It goes without saying that this medium-sized, temperate hunting dog also needs space and movement. One cannot suffice a few times a day. He must have the opportunity to lose his energy a few times a day by running out freely. One has to give him the opportunity, day after day, good weather or not. If you do not have the time for this, do not start with it.