Professional Dog Walking

When is the right time to use the walking service?

  • You have a dog but do not always have the time or ability to walk the dog

  • You have a busy job

  • You are sick

  • You are (temporarily) injured but want to give your dog movement

  • You are leaving for a day

  • And there are probably more reasons of which I cannot list all of them here

But why would you choose Luna’s Legacy?

  • Small groups therefore control and personal attention

  • Possibility of letting the dog walk all the way on the leash

  • Place also for young puppies (1 per walk) and place for a senior dog

  • Opportunity for cycling training if your dog is over 1 year old

  • There will be a minimum walk of 1 hour, so not just leaving the dog on a field and figuring whatever out for an hour, but really walk for an hour

  • Vaccination booklet or titration are both accepted

  • Various walking points, Delfse Hout, Dobbeplas, Middendelfland, beach etc. etc.

  • Dogs safe in the cabin while driving

Meet the team

Mona Lispet-Leijtens

Hello there! My name is Mona Lispet-Leijtens, I have been busy with animals and especially dogs, all my life. When I moved to Delft in 2002, my husband and I decided to take a dog. This became a Weimaraner “Luna” a passionate hunting dog, meanwhile we have successfully bred 4 litters.

At the moment we have 2 female dogs at home, Pretty a daughter of Luna and Jodie a granddaughter of her, who brings us a lot of Joy.

I am very busy with obedience courses, hunting training and competitions. Since I wanted to learn more about dogs, I followed the cynologists training and at the moment I teach at the KC Delft. In addition, I want to specialize in behavioral science. I think I’m very lucky to have made my work from my hobby. Since January 2014, I am the proud owner of Luna’s Legacy Dogs Walking Service. Meanwhile, I have accepted Christa van Zijl as my franchise partner, Me and the dogs are very happy about this.

Our methods

The basics

Of course you would like to know to whom you give your faithful canine (and the key of your house). We also want to meet you and your dog in its own environment, so we will come at your home for an initial meeting. During this conversation, we can get an idea of your dog and what your wishes are (walking around free in the group, walk in the group on a leash, individual walking.), or you can tell us more about his/her character and about any particularities.

I do 2 group walks a day.
“Round 1”: pick up between 8.30 am and 10.30 am then walk until 11 o’clock/half 12 then we will return them.

“Round 2”: pick up between half past 11 and 2 then walk and return between half past 2 and 4 .
Christa walks 1 round.

We take extra care

Of course, your dogs are a little longer away from home due to the route of picking up. And the route also largely determines whether they go in the first or second round. The dogs all get a necklace with a badge with our phone number and name, we also have the belt with us, you only have to give your dog away. We do not play with balls and sticks, because balls in a group sometimes causes fights and sticks are just dangerous to throw and run. We are just going to walk a good hour, so not just a piece on a big field, but a true walk through nature.

As we do not really live in a dry country, we of course also have a towel in the car to rub your dog dry (at least the worst amount of wetness of it) and we have water if they are still thirsty. We also have some sweets to make the way home seem shorter (and of course to bribe the dogs to come back again next time).

In the summer we will look for very watery areas and if the weather is over 25 degrees for a couple of days, we really only go to the water because it can be too hot for the dogs and we shorten the walk (we then walk a tropical schedule). Because something can always happen, we have obviously done a first aid course and therefore have a first aid briefcase and a small package with us on the walk. Also in the bus the dogs have separate cages, see the pictures on the site.

If you have any questions or wish to meet up sometime, please contact us at any time via app, email, contact form or phone.

Price list

Options Delft Outside of Delft
Loose Walk €14,50 €15,50
1 time a week fixed day €14,00 €15,00
2-3 times a week fixed days €13,00 €14,00
4-5 times a week fixed days €12,00 €13,00
Dogwalking de Luxe €20,50

* For the second dog at the same address €2, – discount (for regular dogs only)
* Pension opportunity only for customers of Luna’s Legacy
* Amount is per day of arrival
No rights can be derived from this price list

Article 1 – Definitions

  1. Contractor: Dogs walking service Luna’s Legacy
  2. Client: Owner of the dog(s)
  3. Assignment: Walking of the dog(s) of the client by the contractor
  4. Registration form: Agreement between the contractor and the client, whereby the contractor walks the client’s dog on the agreed day(s) at a price to be paid by the client
  5. Dog: Dog(s) of the client which will be walked by the contractor

Article 2 – General

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all assignments between the client and the contractor, unless expressly deviated from. Deviation from the terms and conditions in any form is only possible if this is written in writing and signed by both the client and the contractor.
  2. The contractor reserves the right at all times to change the terms and conditions and the price quotations. The client may, upon amendment of the terms and conditions and price quotations, provided that written notice has been given to the client, no longer claim on information provided in earlier versions of these documents.
  3. The contractor reserves the right at all times to refuse the dog on the basis of atypical or problematic behavior, as this also means that the contractor’s safety is endangered.
  4. The dog will get a badge with the name and the contractor’s telephone number attached to the necklace on the agreed day of departure.

Article 3 – Health

  1. The client shall inform the contractor as soon as possible of the dog being in heat or any diseases/restrictions of the dog. Any disease(s) and/or abnormalities must be communicated to the contractor beforehand by the client.
  2. The client (if not directly available) authorizes the contractor to consult a vet in case of accident, serious injury or dog’s disease at the expense of the client. In most cases the animal clinic will be Delflanden. The costs are then entirely charged to the client. Of course, the client will be informed as soon as possible.
  3. The dog’s owner is responsible for the annual vaccinations against dog disease, weil, parvo, hepatitis and Para-Influenza (dog passport or titer report is consulted during intake interviews, the owner must also provide preventive treatment against fleas, ticks and worms)

Article 4 – Rights and duties of client

  1. The client is required to complete the assignment form entirely and completely truthfully. If the contractor signs the contract form, it agrees with the terms and conditions.
  2. The client shall at all times be liable to the contractor for damage experienced in the non-disclosure of information or the giving of incorrect information regarding the dog for which the agreement has been concluded.
  3. The client is obliged to ensure that the dog is present on the agreed day(s) and time(s). If the dog is not present when being picked up, the costs of the agreed walking will be charged to the client undiminished.
  4. In case of delay, the client must report to the contractor no later than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation after this time and on the day of the walking itself, are calculated according to normal rate and will therefore be charged. Vacations must be submitted as early as possible but at least 2 weeks in advance.
  5. The client is obliged to ensure that the contractor has access to the place where the dog, for which the agreement is concluded, is located.
  6. The dog must be included in the Civil Liability Insurance of the client. You will always be legally liable for any damage caused by your dog to others or to belongings (including dogs) of others.
  7. The dog is brought back towel dry. The contractor cannot be held liable for damage to the house and/or the furniture of the client by a wet or dirty dog.
  8. The client must ensure that there is sufficient water for the dog. The contractor always checks before departure if the bin is still full enough.

Article 5 – Rights and duties of the contractor

  1. The contractor will always treat the dog with the utmost care and love.
  2. The contractor may walk the dog without a leash with group walks unless the client has stated otherwise.
  3. The client is informed (if necessary) by the contractor of the dog’s health and behavior at the time the dog falls under the supervision of the contractor.
  4. The contractor has the right at all times to cancel or cease walks when they cannot reach the destination due to extreme weather conditions.
  5. The contractor must periodically inspect, clean and disinfect her means of transport.
  6. The key of the client’s house is kept by the contractor with the greatest care and is only used for collecting and taking the dog. No address details will be kept with the key, only the name of the dog.
  7. The contractor has at all times the right to terminate a walking agreement, e.g. in case of unacceptable behavior of the dog. If applicable, a private walking can be agreed.
  8. The contractor is obliged to walk the dog on the agreed days.
  9. The contractor cannot live up to the contract agreement in case of force majeure (e.g. illness). The walk will not be charged and will move on to a next time.
  10. The contractor informs in advance when they are on holiday at least 1 month before. We are closed on national holidays.

Article 6 – Liability

  1. The client is liable for demonstrable damage suffered by contractor or third parties caused by the dog. Any costs of medical care and damage to third parties will be deducted from the client. If it is not clear which dog is the cause of the damage, the costs will be shared between the clients of the affected dogs.
  2. The contractor shall not be liable for any damage, disease, death, unwanted cover, disorders or injury to the dog resulting from the assignment unless it has demonstrably incurred in the performance of the assignment and is due to gross negligence or intent of the contractor.
  3. If, by unforeseen circumstances or by force majeure (e.g. calamities, disease, car trouble, personal indispensability) the contractor is unable to provide walking services, the client shall be notified as soon as possible. Any damage resulting from this cannot be obtained from the contractor.
  4. The contractor cannot be held liable for the dog walking away. If this happens, the contractor will, of course, do everything possible to find the dog (as soon as possible).
  5. If the contractor can be held liable for any damage suffered by the client as a result of non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions (except for cases of force majeure), damages will always be limited to the total of the agreed amount of the agreement.